We are the only ice cream and soft serve base maker in the Northwest who can create all-natural custom bases in small batches. We make the ice cream base for some of the finest, artisan ice cream shops and restaurants in the Northwest.

Our ice cream bases are vat-pasteurized, so it is slow cooked at 160° for 30 minutes, versus the common HTST (High Temperature, Short Time) method of 180° for 22.5 seconds. Because of this, our cream requires less stabilizers (less than 0.4% locust bean and guar gum), never scorches the cream, naturally caramelizes the lactose of the milk for better flavor, retains a high percentage of milk’s natural enzymes and leaves a rich and creamy mouthfeel. We do not use any mono and di-glycerides, whey or other fillers.

Our base is sold through distributors and direct delivery, depending on where you are located. Please contact us to learn more! 



  • 19% Ice Cream - Unflavored 
  • 19% Ice Cream - Chocolate 
  • 14% Ice Cream - Unflavored 
  • 14% Custard - Unflavored 
  • 14% Custard - Chocolate 
  • 10% Gelato - Unflavored 
  • 10% Soft Serve Ice Cream - Vanilla 
  • 10% Soft Serve Ice Cream - Chocolate 

*Custom base available upon request 


We are committed to using the very best ingredients. Our rBST-free milk and cream comes from Smith Brothers Farms in Kent, Washington. Our eggs come from Cherry Lane Farms in Stanwood, Washington. We use non-GMO Zulka Morena cane sugar. We use premium Madagascar vanilla extract and vanilla bean seeds. Our non-GMO chocolate is from Belgian chocolatier, Barry Callebaut. Our fruits are sourced locally whenever possible and are processed by Ever Fresh Fruit Co. in Boring, Oregon. We love partnering with local brands to create flavors. For example, we make a Coconut Maple Porter using Diamond Knot’s Possession Porter. We always try to improve and perfect our ice cream through flavor innovation and ingredient sourcing.

*Some customers may request ingredients or inclusions that contain artificial flavors or colors, such as commercial candy pieces or food colors. These ingredients are used upon request. 


We are committed to making the very best ice cream and providing the best customer service possible. We are a local, private business owned by husband and wife, Barry and Shahnaz Bettinger. We make everything in our factory and kitchen in Snohomish, Washington.

We provide one on one customer service and are available to work with owners, ice cream makers, chefs and management to ensure satisfaction. Orders can be placed through our online order form. Whether we deliver to you direct or you purchase through a distributor, we are available to create custom point of sale materials to best satisfy your needs.

Everything made here is sustainably manufactured. We use local ingredients whenever possible, use the most energy efficient systems, use electricity generated by our solar panels and heat our water and offices with heat collected from our compressor. Our property has zero runoff, because of our rain gardens, bio-swales and pervious concrete.

Please contact us for pricing, lead times, special requests and any other questions or comments you may have.