Snoqualmie Ice Cream is a family-owned company that makes super-premium organic craft ice cream in Snohomish, Washington.  Our organic ice creams are French-style frozen custards with extra cream, lots of eggs and very little air, creating the most rich and velvety treat.

We use simple ingredients from the Pacific Northwest, including USDA Organic-certified, grass-fed milk and cream, eggs and berries.  Everything we make is vat-pasteurized to slow cook the ingredients without scorching the cream and allowing each flavor to have its own unique recipe.

We believe in the power of sustainability.  We've purposely designed our property with rain gardens, bio-swales and pervious concrete to completely eliminate runoff.  Our solar panels, compressor waste heat recovery, LED sensor lighting and energy efficient equipment has allowed us to significantly reduce our energy usage.

We are a certified B-Corporation because we are committed to taking care of our employees, exceeding customer expectations, supporting our community and protecting our environment.  We promise to make the most perfect organic ice cream and hope to help make the world a better place by staying true to our values and using our profits for the greater good.



"When they first came into the county to ask for doing the project building here (Maltby) and getting the permits, the county had never before issued any permits or had to deal with anything like this. He’s the first one to come in and want to do pervious concrete and swales and rain gardens that actually took care of the water and environment" – Linda Neunzig, Agriculture Coordinator, Snohomish county.

We believe in the goodness of sustainability. We have made significant developments to our property and manufacturing plant since 2005. We have zero-run off from our site, because of our installation of rain gardens, bio-swales, pervious concrete and rainwater collection for irrigation. We have cut our utility bill in half, because we use solar panels, compressor waste heat recovery, LED sensor lighting and the most energy efficient equipment possible.

We do what we do, because it is a part of who we are and we have a responsibility to our community and environment. When you decide to go sustainable, it’s a never-ending journey, which is why we are always upgrading and innovating.